Business incubation & acceleration

ahedd provides a cross-organisational Living Lab ecosystem offering a multitude of services for business incubation and acceleration:

  • Technical testing:to standardize & calibrate the application based on the collected cases via NCSR-D & FINT infrastructure.
  • Networking activities/services: via the yearly organisation of meetings & events in NCSR-D (Hellenic Forum, Praxi meetings, Invitations of major stakeholders etc.)
  • Business coaching/mentoring: tech transfer & business development services to entrepreneurs & SMEs via NCSR-D Innovation Office.
  • Physical incubation (office/workspace): via NCSR-D Technological Park, in which FINT is also hosted, ahedd supports physical incubation with the help of NCSR-D Innovation Office
  • Training Services & Personal skill development: soft skills development, pitching, design thinking, etc.
  • Access to funds (public/private): support in fundraising activities from public grants and/or private investments (VC, Angels etc.) via NCSR-D Innovation Office (acceleration service).

Data incubation

Driven by the experience and expertise of its members in data management and processing technologies, ahedd offers various data incubation services to interested parties and collaborators:

  • Data Observatory services: (a) the ahedd Data Observatory; (b) Social Web Observatory.
  • Direct access to Data: free open data & open public data (& NCSR-D Data Repositories).
  • Data-services: data governance, data privacy, & data protection services
  • Data Analytics: free tools for data exploration & experimentation (free & open source tools& NCSR-D developed tools).
  • Training services:numerous “free” trainings on Big Data, IoT & AI (e.g: joint MSc on Data Science, SciFy Academy, specialised seminars (AI & Nanotechnology Seminars, Q1 2019), reports (technical & business reports)). Various “fee-based” training services for companies & public sector.
  • Experimentation services:aiming to spur data-driven experimentation & innovation for individuals, academic & corporate users. NCSR-D also provides specialised testbeds, such as the IoT platforms and 5G testbeds, available for experimentation.

Training services

ahedd provides a number of training programs across various educational levels (MSc, PhD, etc.) and thematic areas that relate to Data Science, Computer Science, Telecommunications, and Applied Informatics among others.

Research & Academia (including Public Private Initiatives)

  • Master Level Program in Data Science: NCSR-D, which is a founding member of ahedd, co-organizes the MSc in Data Science in collaboration with the University of Peloponnese (a Greek Public University). This is a two-year program including 3 semesters of courses and one semester for the MSc thesis. The interdisciplinarity of the program provides the potential for young students to learn data management and analysis applications in different domains such as health, environment, energy and security.
  • Collaborative PhD Program in Computer Science: NCSR-D has also initiated, since 2007, an ambitious PhD scholarship program collaborating with universities in UK, USA & Canada in fields related to artificial intelligence, telecommunications.


NCSR-D organizes seminars for professionals working in industry that require expert knowledge in certain domains such as health, robotics and telecommunications. More specifically, NCSR-D’s IIT is collaborating with the non-profit organisation SciFY (co-founded by one IIT post-doc researcher) during the last 5 years, to create digital products and services exploiting research results. Since 2017, SciFY organizes the SciFY Academy seminars, to train SMEs on Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills. IIT co-oranised several of these seminars (AI school for Business, AI and Digital Humanities, AI and news and media, e-health), extending further its network with SMEs.


Since 2012 NCSR-D IIT has organized and implemented annual certified seminars (320 hours of teaching & 120 hours of internship) in the field of ICT and Special Education. The seminar is taking place at the premises of NCSR ‘Demokritos’ and it is mainly addressed to teachers and professional in the field of mental health of children and youth. Additionally, the Institute has also organized and implemented annual free seminars at the same field.

Antenna measurement

The antenna measurement facilities include an RF shielded anechoic chamber, which is a unique measurement infrastructure in Greece and is currently used for the determination of antenna characteristics. This infrastructure is used for the provision of specialised services directed to companies and research institutes involved in the design, development, testing and support in any type of wireless networks.

Social Web Observatory platform

A free platform that allows users to search, explore, experiment, analyse and uncover new data-driven insights, data-driven ideas from the social web. Registered users are able to create Dashboards, define data themes, analyse and visualise the retrieved social web data. The Social Web Observatory is a joint effort led by NCSR-Demokritos with the cooperation SciFY and GFOSS (Greek Open Technologies Alliance).

5G Technologies test-bed

An end-to-end experimental 5G Facility (Athens5Glink), comprising a large scale open 5G Platform, showcasing features of next generation networks, with particular focus on software network technologies (NFV and SDN) and edge computing for small cell deployments. The network is available for demonstrating the benefits of 5G to citizens, but also for enterprises which want to test and demonstrate innovative services and applications over 5G.

A multi-sensor data collection and aggregation platform, covering the entire NCSR campus (smart-city testbed)

The platform is able to collect data from a variety of sensors, which then can be used from researchers and enterprises to build and assess innovative products and solutions.